SKU: B5TA0001


SG TAS SB3  £7,500.00 for complete.

ACSC B5(T) A  $ 10,000.00 , For Cover in good condition with any amount of Stamps.


1910 2/- ( 11 x ½d , 18 x 1d).Incomplete contents, Contains ½d x 8 SG 249 & 1d X 12 SG 250.


Front cover Black on Yellowish. Repaired top right corner. Staple Rusty and edge stains. Size 82 x 57mm.


Inside front cover Black on Pink. with some staining and surface abrassions, 


Some stamps detached from and hinged back to selvedge. Interleave mostly missing or stuck too stamps. Some tamps damaged from sticking together and pulled apart.


The Inner back cover Black on Pink with missing coatings from stamps being stuck. See Photo 3.


Outer Rear Cover Black on Yellowish with some staining.


A Sorry state but Very Rare Booklet.


WMK Crown over A

PERF 12½