SKU: B3TA0001


1909-12 £1 Booklet ( 1d x 240) Incomplete contents. Contains 1d x 10 SG 250. 1 With CA Monogram.

Also includes a block of 20 (4 x 5), 1d SG 240 wmk V over Crown Sideways Perf 12½. With Selvedge at right and Staple Holes Indicating it is from a booklet. SG £ 19 x 20 = £ 380.00 +++ for Multiple and 16 are MUH.


Front Cover Red on Pink, Cooke Printing in MelBourne, Second Cover design indicated by Scrolls in Border Corners, And By Authority etc. Centralised below Value. Ink Notation at top Reads Begin 24/9/12 / Ended 19/3/13.


Inside Covers Black on Yellow. Ledger not filled out.


Rear Cover Photo of General Post Office Adelaide. Picture Upright as with all the Second type covers.


Very Rare with Part Contents, The Only Known £1 Booklet from Tasmania. Cat £ 30,000 for Cover in good condition with any amount of the Relevant stamps.