Oz Colonies is Trevor Hiscock, I sell the stamps of the six Australian States (Colonies). 

I have been a stamp Collector from an early age, As most collectors at first I collected whatever came my way from friends, neighbours and Relatives.

I gave my stamps to a Nephew when I lost interest in my early 20's. By my late 20's I was back into collecting and found a fondness for Australian Colonies. 

Within a few years I devoted my collecting to Just Western Australia in which I built and sold Three Collections over the years. All were sold to finance different ventures, Firstly to buy my first home and then twice again for new Business financing.

With my age creeping up on me I was no longer able to continue with the physical demands of my business so decided to close up and move on. 

Which has led me to where I am here as Oz Colonies.

I have always been Honest and fair with my business dealings and can assure you I will conduct business with honesty and integrity.

                                                               Kind Regards Trevor Hiscock.